I’ve been avoiding writing about anything baseball recently on this blog because as logical and as rational as I think I am, some ridiculous baseball superstitions have rubbed off on me. I know it’s stupid and absurd but whatever. The Rays went into a downward tailspin when I started writing thoughts about baseball on this blog. I then started writing about whatever was on my mind and the Rays began to win again. So, I did what any good fan would do–maintain the same routine lest I inadvertently jinx my team. Now, it appears that the season is over so my avoidance of blogging about the Rays was for naught. They are now 3 games back for the wild card with only 4 days left of the season. The probability of being in the post season is now a little over 4%. It’s ok though. The Rays have made themselves relevant the last couple of weeks. That is all a fan can ask for, to have their team play meaningful games in September. Nevertheless, I’m sad that BJ Upton won’t get to the post season with the Rays one last time. I’ll miss him gliding effortlessly like a graceful gazelle in the cavernous Tropicana center field, making Say Hey type basket catches. He’s a good kid.