As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I am mother to an 8 month old boy. Pregnancy was a beautiful thing with many perks. (Why, hellooooo there, boobies!) It also has some unfortunate side effects. (Oh, hey to you too, thighs.) While I’m not yet at my pre-baby weight, I’ve made significant progress towards that goal. My co-workers, family, and friends have taken notice and have been asking me what my secret is. “What have you been doing? What diet are you on?” I’m a health professional and a former personal trainer so you can trust me.

Ok, here goes:

1. Eat less.

2. Move more.

Anyone who tells you differently is trying to sell you something.

You’re welcome.

4 thoughts on “Weight Loss Secret

  1. I have lost 65lbs over the past three or so years. People routinely ask me how I pull it off and I just say “I eat less than before, and I try to get out more”. Believe it or not, that answer is not good enough for most people, they either do not believe that is all I have been doing, or they try to convince me I could do it ‘better’ if I followed some dietary advice, took some ‘fat burner’ supplement or other such claptrap.

    So now I just tell people I’m on the “Physics Diet”. Consume fewer calories than you burn. Works every time, guaranteed.

    Sorry for the late reply to such an old post, I only just wandered into your blog, Inda.

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