Gator_and_PythonToday (meaning some day in January–this is a repost) begins Florida’s annual Everglades Python Hunt.

How do you kill a python? Carefully.

Burmese pythons play a great game of hide n’seek, and are very difficult to find. They have been wrecking ecological havoc on the natural wonderland that are the Florida Everglades. This little exercise might be fun for the hunters, but last year, the hunt only captured 68 snakes. The exact number of pythons is not known–again, wicked hide n’seek skillz–but best estimates in 2011 were about 2,000. However, according to the state’s wildlife commission, the point is not to eradicate the snakes, but to raise awareness of the problem.

Whoever brings in the most pythons wins $1,500. Second prize is $1,000. If you’re interested in joining, here’s the info: There’s even official gear. Get your 2016 Python Challenge Sippy Cup.


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