Again this is a re-post. The last time I checked, the world sucks. Don’t turn on the evening news. Just take my word for it. You are going to die, everyone is going to die, something got blown up somewhere. And the weather! Instead of freaking out, just look at Anthony Rizzo hold a baby Cub because that will never get old. 

Courtesy of Deadspin, this is the cutest effin’ thing ever. Like cuter than my newborn baby. Actually, he wasn’t that cute. Ever seen Alien? That’s what newborns look like. Television has y’all fooled. Babies are really ugly. This is so much cuter! Rizzo holding freaking Cubs.

Kudos to Maddon for finally doing something he hasn’t already done with the Rays first.

Seriously, bless Maddon for bringing a smile on a day that a lot of us don’t have much reason to smile. We have received some sad news about one of our own.


If Rizzo holding a baby bear doesn’t make you smile, you are dead. I am checking your vital signs and body bagging you.

Baseball season is coming. If THAT doesn’t make you smile, well, what the hell are you doing around these parts? This is a baseball blog! Hello!

Hang in there, folks.

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